How to Setup Netgear wifi Extender?

Netgear wifi Extender Setup is the best way to expand your current wi-fi coverage and performance. Although standard routers serves well upto some particular range such as small home or apartments,but is not able to cover a large property resulting in dead zones and dropped connection (no access to internet service). And for resolving this issue we have a WiFi range extender,sometimes called a Range expander.

Once you complete the setup for Netgear extender, it takes your router’s current WiFi signals and extends the coverage area of your wifi network providing you with a boosted signal.


  • Manual Setup (Web browser setup).
  • Wireless protected Setup (WPs)

Netgear wifi extender Setup:Manual Method

 Setup your Netgear Extender by following these steps:

1.Plug in your netgear extender.

2.Make sure your extender is near the existing network.

3.Connect your device to the extender's network then go to the network manager and connect to the Netgear_ext SSID.

4.Start any internet browser and go to mywifiext net or Netgear Default IP address

  1. In mywifiext login web page Create your account.

6.Click on the network name that is to be extended.

7.To complete the setup, click the "Finish" button.

8.Now unplug your Netgear extender and replug it at the place having dropped connection or dead zones.

So that’s the simplest way to set up your Netgear Wi-fi Extender within 10 minutes only,but if you are not able to set up the extender manually then we have another way to install your wi-fi booster,i.e. Wireless protected Setup (WPS).

Netgear wifi extender Setup: WPS

In case you get stuck performing Netgear wifi extender Setup by manual method then we have one more way to configure your wifi extender i.e. the wireless protected setup (WPS) and it is considered as the most quick and easy way to install your wifi extender within two minutes only. You don’t have to type any kind of password, username or SSID. You just have to push the button on your extender and router too.

 To Setup your Netgear Extender by WPS,follow these steps:

 1.Power on your Netgear Extender.

 2.Place it near the router.

 3.Find the WPS push button on the side panel of your extender.

 4.Push the WPS on it.

5.Now Push the same WPS button on the router.

6.Wait for the repeater until it gives three solid green lights.

  1. Once you see three solid green lights your connection between your router and netgear extender has been successfully established.

 8.Now place your extender at the place having dead spots or dropping connection.

In this way you can easily achieve wifi extender setup by WPS method.


Having some problem  in your wifi extender can be fixed with a small resetting your netgear extender is not just about  getting a fresh start,but can fix all the technical issues.when it is difficult to recover your WiFi range extender it is important to factory reset.Here are the steps to follow :-

  1. Power on your extender.

    See if the power LED lights up,if not again press the power button .
  2. Wait for a few minutes so the LEDs on your extender get stabilised.
  3. Then you see a button located on the extender’s side or panel at bottom ,now Locating your extender's Reset or Factory Reset button.
  4. Now using a paper click ,press and hold the factory reset button.Process may take up to 10 sec.
  5. See if LEDs got stabilised on your extender.

Your Netgear wifi extender Setup is now ready to use after reset.

HOW TO UPDATE FIRMWARE ON NETGEAR EXTENDER: NETGEAR releases firmware updates on a regular basis to improve performance of netgear extender and add new features,it also enhances security. To ensure if your extender is using the latest features,make sure it is running the latest firmware.

 Steps to update the firmware:

  1. connect your extender with your router's WiFi.
  2.  Now Connecting to your extender's WiFi network,Verify if you are connected to your extender's network.
  3. Now Enter your netgear extender's Model Number or Product Name.
  4. Now Click on Downloads.
  5. You have to Select a firmware version and then click Download.
  6. You have to Unzip the file if required.
  7. Launch a web browser and enter after which the login page  will display.
  8. Now Enter the extender username and password after that it  will display the Status page.Now Click on Firmware Update.
  9. Click the Browse button and then locate and select the firmware file.
  10. Click on the Upload button.

On following these steps,updates for firmware will start and the extender gets restarted and will take about two minutes to get updated with new features and security enhancement.

Common Issues with Netgear wifi extender Setup:

  1. Local access is not available to
  2. Lack of WiFi signal.
  3. Problem setting up the Netgear range extender default password.
  4. Unable to access the default SSID of the extension
  5. No blinking LEDs are seen before or after the installation.
  6. After successfully setting up the Internet running at snail’s pace.
  7. The administrator password for the extender has been misplaced or forgotten.
  8. Trouble logging in,so no access to extender’s settings page .

In case if you ever confront any issue then you can get instant help by dialling our toll free number.our team provides you with instant solution to any of your problem within a given frame of time.